Kurt wasn’t even in Ohio and he still won Diva week.


first pic from this cutest kadam fic *u* and I added rest of two.(because kurt put on the beanie!! I want do this.) I hope her don’t mind it.

Kadam ficlet - Three Hugs and a Tackle


Words: 1,400

Notes: IDK I just like hugs and stuff?? (WARNING FOR BURT FEELS, vague talk of his cancer and treatment)


Kurt is cold.

He’s in New York in the middle of winter, it’s positively frigid, and not even his numerous chic layers are bringing him any joy as he trudges down the sidewalk, because he. Is. Cold.


Warmth, instant and glorious, floods into Kurt’s belly, and he turns around to see Adam jogging towards him. Adam stops about a foot away, breathing heavily, and smiles. “Hi.”

“What are you wearing?”

“Wh-” Adam looks down at his pink plaid button-up, frowning. His fingers pinch at the flannel, plucking it away from his stomach. “A shirt?”

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glee screencap meme: kurt hummel

Being Alive (Glee Cast Version)